Crowne Plaza: Sixties Expansion

Mid Sixties expansion welcomed the Sheraton Foxhead
Mid Sixties expansion welcomed the Sheraton Foxhead

The Sixties marked the start of a revolution for Niagara Falls and the site that would become the Falls Avenue Entertainment Complex. While the Crowne Plaza continued its level of excellence by hosting the King and Queen of Nepal in the Rainbow Room, plans were quickly being put into place that would see the formation of an entertainment complex. The expansion began in 1966 with the addition of a sister hotel for the Crowne in the 14-storey Sheraton Foxhead Inn (current day Sheraton Fallsview). A year later, the Sheraton Motor Inn was constructed which would become the centre point of the Maple Leaf Village Amusement Park and would go on to be the Village Inn, before becoming the Skyline Inn.

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