Crowne Plaza Fallsview Hotel Provides Exceptional Service

The Crowne Plaza EntranceI would like to congratulate our team at the Crowne Plaza Fallsview Hotel for the great job they did while we had the delegates from around the globe representing the Leprosy Mission of Canada stay with us. We always strive to provide our guests with exceptional service and we were flattered to be given an award for Host of the National Leprosy Conference. The Leprosy Mission of Canada not only brings knowledge to others about this disease but gives an opportunity for people for learn from each other and share experiences.

The convention was a great success and we are very proud to have contributed to that factor! Hopefully the members not only enjoyed The Crowne Plaza hotel but were also able to relax and enjoy a bit of sightseeing around Niagara Falls while they had the opportunity!

Thanks for reading

John Scott

General Manager