Co-Working Spaces in Niagara Falls

CPblog3Vacations are supposed to be about fun, relaxation, and spending time with family and friends. In fact, that’s exactly what most vacations are. However, as the way that many people work has changed, and as more people work remotely there are new and different ways that people approach work and their time off.

And let’s face it, some people just can’t step away from the laptop no matter how hard they try.

While people taking a vacation in Niagara Falls could easily work from their hotel room, co-working spaces have popped up all over the world and offer a more office-like atmosphere that can help some feel more motivated. These spaces feature desks and chairs, reliable Wi-Fi, snacks and coffee, and payment plans can be by the hour or by the day.

So if you absolutely have to work, these are some of the best co-working spaces in Niagara Falls.

Cowork Niagara

Part of a member cooperative, Cowork Niagara is one of the most popular places for freelancers and entrepreneurs to work, network, and collaborate with other like-minded people. The offer printers, meeting rooms, a library, a projector, and more.

As a cooperative, a membership is required, and while it’s not clear if they offer short term memberships, Cowork Niagara is worth checking out while you’re in town.

CPblog4Fueled Minds

Fueled Minds is another co-working space in Niagara and features a number of amenities to suit any worker’s needs. They offer shared desks, private desks, meeting spaces, and equipment for presentations, free coffee, Wi-Fi, and 24-hour secure building access. They even offer a shower, bicycle storage, and access to the kitchenette.

Even if you just need to use the space for a short time, you’ll meet local freelancers and entrepreneurs in the area which is a great way to network and perhaps even bring new ideas back to your office or place of business at home.

Crowne Plaza Business Center

Of course, if you prefer to stay at the hotel, the Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls offers an onsite business center for guest use. A copy machine, fax, desks, and Wi-Fi are available for any guest who needs to work during their stay. Starbucks is onsite for your caffeine needs, and you can have lunch at the Rainbow Room when all that working has made you hungry.

In addition, if you choose to work at the business center at the hotel, your family can relax by the pool or explore nearby until you’re ready to join them for some vacation fun.

Working while on vacation might not be ideal, but for some people it’s just unavoidable. As more people work for themselves or in another non-traditional job setting, 9-to-5 simply isn’t the rule anymore; in fact, it could be considered the exception. However, you can be sure that you’ll have access to either co-working spaces or the hotel’s business center while you’re here, and you can keep up with your work and enjoy the beauty of Niagara all at the same time.