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Having a Sweet Vacation at Niagara Falls

CPblog5.jpegNo matter how well you plan, some vacations just turn sour through no fault of your own. Fortunately, you can totally avoid that possibility in Niagara Falls by visiting any of the city’s sweetest attractions. From a world-famous chocolatier and candy maker to some must-visit locally owned shops, you’ll be so overcome with sweetness that you won’t have time to be bitter.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

This world famous chocolate master has set up shop in Niagara Falls, much to the benefit of locals and tourists alike. With a waterfall to rival Niagara’s — or at least fictional Willy Wonka’s — this decadent store is packed with 7,000 square feet of treats. As soon as you walk through the four-story chocolate bar door, you’ll be hit with the sweet scent of chocolate, much of which you can sample. Head over to the gourmet fudge bar where custom flavor creations are made every day, or revive your senses with a mouthwatering milkshake made thick with Hershey’s chocolate.

Kids will love interacting with life-size versions of their favorite Hershey’s pals like the chocolate bar and the peanut butter cup amidst their edible lookalikes; the Hershey’s Kiss is a fan favorite for his death-defying stunt over the store’s waterfall! Alongside the familiar candies made by the legendary brand, you will find baked goods like cookies and cakes fresh out of the oven. You can buy any of these treats to share with your friends — if you can — or ensure them a souvenir by purchasing a keepsake instead, like a plushie, mug, or signature cookbook.

Pop & Lolly’s Candy Shop

Classically trained confectionary chefs toil day and night to churn out the vibrant and delicious treats in Pop & Lolly’s. Such candies you’ve never seen anywhere else: Mountains of chocolate, rows upon rows of dipped fruit, and a full wall of bulk candy will stop you dead in your tracks as soon as you enter the shop. While you shop, you can watch the candy makers at work pouring hard candies or pulling taffy; it certainly takes skill to craft the sweets you love and crave. You can easily take home pounds of candy — for your friends and family, of course — and you can customize each parcel with the unique and entertaining containers.

The Fudge Factory

CPblog6.jpegChocoholics will face the biggest temptation of their lives in Clifton Hill’s legendary Fudge Factory. With more than 20 unique flavors of fudge, this shop has perhaps the highest concentration of chocolate in all of Canada. Your mouth will water as you watch skilled chocolatiers whip and pour the store’s fare right in front of you.

The recipes these candy makers use are traditional and decades old, perfected and passed from chef to chef to delight generations of visitors to Niagara Falls. While fudge is what the shop is known for, you can also partake of delectable candied apples and chocolate covered fruits, as well as other specialty confections like toffee, brittle, marshmallows, and more. You can even bring your friends and family home some of Canada’s infamous maple candies.

By the end of your trip to Niagara, your sweet tooth might be sore — but your vacation will have been anything but bitter.