Seeing a Safari in Niagara Falls

CP1.jpegWhen planning a visit to Niagara Falls, you probably expect to see some specific flora and fauna. Native birds are easy to spot, and you could get lucky and see a moose or a bear amongst the trees. However, what if there was a guaranteed chance you would see a lion or a tiger? What if, when you plan a trip to Niagara Falls, you could promise your kids they’d be able to watch apes play in the mud?

Safari Niagara can offer access to the most exotic animals that you wouldn’t expect to find in Ontario, Canada. On your next visit to the Falls in the summer and early fall, take a ride to Safari Niagara to view and learn about the wildest beasts in the world.

Watch Animals in Their Natural Habitats

Safari Niagara works hard to create habitats that reflect the wild and natural environment of each animal. This means that the animals at the park are comfortable and happy, so you can see how they might behave outside captivity.

In the Silent Forest, the zoo offers sights of the world’s most majestic big cats, while in the Mellow Marsh, you’ll be able to spot creatures indigenous to wetlands, like geese and turtles. Safari Niagara has dozens of wild animals to enjoy — you’re sure to find your favorite among the plethora of habitats.

Learn About Animals of All Types

The zoo is more than a place that houses exotic beasts — it is a center of culture and learning to encourage proper behavior and give aid the animals that need our help. Safari Niagara has several exhibits and presentations to educate visitors about creature care and conservation.

For a more hands-on experience, walk through Safari Niagara’s new aviary filled with more than 500 budgies. Listen to their song, and feed them with special seed to see birds in a whole new way. You can also pay a visit to Papa Steve’s Family Farm, where a handful of farm animals, including horses, chickens, deer, and others, can be seen, heard, and even touched. Zookeepers here encourage visitors to communicate through sounds and facial expressions to learn what it’s like to be an animal.

Go Wild in the Adventure Zone

CP2.jpegAfter a long day of seeing wild animals, most people feel the urge to go wild, too. That’s why Safari Niagara has its amazing Adventure Zone, filled with rides and play areas designed to test your courage and drain your adrenaline. Defy gravity and free fall like birds on the park’s Bungee ride, or crawl to great heights like monkeys on the multi-level ropes course. Alternatively, if you’re more of a water animal, cool off in the Splash Pad or explore the lake in the paddle boats. There is fun for kids of all ages in the Adventure Zone.

It is thrilling to see a wild creature wandering around the forest, but you must have keen eyes and a soft step to spot anything more exciting than a squirrel in Niagara’s well-trodden wilderness. Instead of trying your luck, bet on a full day of beasts and birds at Safari Niagara the next time you’re hunting for wild adventure.