Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party in Niagara

cpblog1112.jpegNiagara Falls is a beautiful destination for a wedding, and the area has long been heralded as the Honeymoon Capital of the World. But, have you ever thought of Niagara as one of the best locations for the parties celebrating the time before your wedded bliss?

If you’re a bride-to-be (or bridesmaid) looking for a city to host a bachelorette bash, look no further than Niagara Falls. With all the amenities and none of the stress, Niagara will provide everything you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

Luxury Hotels

When you are celebrating upcoming nuptials, you probably want to be doing it in style and comfort. You want pampering, you want options, and most of all you want a central location so you can get everything done.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel has all of this and more. There are plenty of rooms and suites that are scalable depending on the size of your bridal party, and the hotel can offer packages to nearby attractions to help you organize your weekend. If you’re looking for luxury as well as convenience, Niagara is the place for you.

World-Class Cuisine

At least for the weekend, you don’t want to be worrying about everyone’s pre-wedding diets — especially when there is such good fare to be had. Well within traveling distance are plenty of five-star dining experiences that can’t be missed. Here’s a short list of the best restaurants in the city so you can have a taste of what’s to come:

  • Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra. With fresh, local ingredients and wines selected from local vineyards, the Rainbow Room is a delicious and convenient option for bachelorettes with discerning taste.
  • Windows by Jamie Kennedy. World-renowned and popular chef Jaime Kennedy impeccably designed the menu at this award-winning restaurant, and while you’re dining you’ll have excellent panoramic views through the glass that gives the restaurant its name.
  • Hard Rock Cafe.Once you’ve had your fill of the high-class foods on offer around Niagara, stop by the Hard Rock Cafe for some light-hearted fun with your delicious and familiar meal.

Unique Activities

cpblog2112.jpegThere’s no better way to say it: Niagara Falls is one of the Natural Wonders of the World, meaning you won’t be able to see anything like it anywhere else on Earth. The falls are beautiful and awe-inspiring, and it’s possible to lose minutes or even whole hours just watching and listing to the powerful water move.

There are plenty of angles from which to view the falls; you can take a boat tour to get right underneath the water or take a walk behind them to see the water rushing past. If landscapes are more your style, so many area parks have stations created for the perfect views.

Also a great choice for fun: Wine tasting is quickly becoming one of the most fun and interactive of vacation activities, and Niagara’s established and fertile wine region is perfect for some winery tours. Learn about grapes, wine and the Niagara region as you journey from vineyard to vineyard sampling world-class wines. You can toast the bride-to-be with red or white and have memories to last as long as the marriage.