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Avoid the Hangover: Planning a Bachelor Party in Niagara Falls

CPblog30.jpegBachelor parties are widely known for getting a little too wild. In too many situations, before the first night is through, members of the party get lost or hospitalized; the budget for the party is burned; and everyone is too tired, achy or terrified to have any sort of fun. However, these dangers don’t mean you should avoid having a bachelor party altogether.

Instead, plan your trip with your best friends carefully and smartly — by looking into the plethora of attractions available to you in Niagara Falls.

Miles of Golf

For those inclined to enjoy a morning or afternoon on the green, Niagara can provide a veritable sea of golf courses. Spend your time with your pals hitting a few balls down any of our gorgeous trails, and you won’t go home disappointed. The beautiful scenery of Niagara is utilized to create dozens of pristine and challenging courses, so instead of chugging your weekend away in a dingy dive bar, sip your drinks luxuriously while you hit a round outside with friends.

Acres of Excitement

If you are pulled in by the lure of gambling, don’t fret; Niagara has a top-rated casino full of all your favorite games. You can supplement your weekend budget with slots or tables — pick your poison — or throw around some small bills just for the fun. There are even frequent tournaments for any gamblers in your group feeling particularly confident!

Gallons of Brew

CPblog31.jpegThe taste of beer is becoming as popularly important as the delicate flavors of wine, and Niagara can provide all the craft-brewed goodness you are starting to look for in your frosty cold ones.

Local breweries are constantly scrabbling for the top spot in the region, and many of them are nationally ranked for their delicious concoctions. You can discover plenty of Niagara’s breweries by yourself, or if you and your group fancy a look behind the scenes — plus some free tasting and transportation — you might want to check out a brewery tour.

Hours of Thrills

While you spend your nights in complete luxury, you can fill your days with heart-pounding excitement provided by the falls and surrounding attractions. Extreme sports abound in Niagara Falls and the surrounding region, so if your party is full of adrenaline junkies, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Here are a handful of the more popular thrills available for your weekend away.

Snowboarding and skiing. If you are planning a trip during winter, you can’t miss out on the fantastic snow sports the Niagara region has to offer. Miles of trails for any skill level will keep you warm while Niagara is ice cold.

Skydiving. Jumping from a plane thousands of feet in the air is heart-pounding in any location, but it certainly helps when you’re jumping into some beautiful scenery. Grab your most adventurous pals to book a flight today.

White-water rafting. If you prefer the wetter sports, you can catch a ride on any of the rafts traversing the choppy Niagara River. Different-sized rafts provide different levels of stability on the rapids, so pick your boat carefully!