3 Reasons to Dine at The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra

cpblog1One of the best parts of any vacation is the food. Whether it’s grabbing a sandwich from a quirky local deli or treating yourself to a luxury dinner experience, food should always be on your itinerary. However, during your trip to Niagara Falls your head might spin a bit at the sheer number of dining options available.

During your stay at the Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls you’ll have access to a number of food and beverage options onsite, but which should you choose? Casual dining options are numerous but if you’d like to get a bit dressed up and experience a culinary wonderland then The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra should be at the top of your list.

The restaurant’s space is striking with a full view of the beautiful falls and the service is impeccable. But, ultimately, what you’re really there for is the food. Following are just a few of the sumptuous items available on The Rainbow Room’s menus and each one is more enticing than the last.

Cocktails and Wine

Every great meal starts with a great cocktail or bottle of wine, and The Rainbow Room has covered all the bases in that department. With inspired cocktails based on classics to an extensive wine list featuring some of the best bottles from the Niagara region, you’ll want to make your reservation early so you have time savor some of the bar’s best menu options.

Try the Marilyn, which is a tribute to one of The Rainbow Room’s most beloved guests, Marilyn Monroe. This fun blend of sparkling wine, Calvados (an apple brandy), and grenadine will wake up your palate.


Some diners overlook the appetizer menu as their eyes are drawn to delectable entrees but a great appetizer sets the stage for the rest of the meal. The appetizer menu at The Rainbow Room offers just the right Italian inspired dishes and portions to pique your taste buds and have you excited about what’s to come.

Try the classic zuppetta di cipolla onion soup loaded with gooey provolone cheese and perfectly caramelized onions. Be sure to ask the sommelier or your server for the perfect wine pairing as well.


Like the largest jewel in an already elaborate crown the entree selection at The Rainbow Room is something that you can’t look away from. Utilizing as many local ingredients as possible, the culinary team here has left nothing to chance and have created a menu that is truly humble yet inspired.

From exceptional pastas like the wild boar agnolotti to traditional yet perfect cuts of steak, you may have a hard time choosing just one entree. Try the maple mustard crusted lamb rack featuring local, Ontario lamb as the star of the plate or the pan seared wild scallops, each with a wide choice of sumptuous side dishes.

A divine dinner can make an already great vacation something that you’ll always remember. During your next visit to Niagara Falls make your reservation early so you can get a table with an unobstructed view of the falls and let the staff at The Rainbow Room create an evening you’ll never forget.