The Perfect Excuse for a Girls’ Getaway? Niagara’s Women’s Half Marathon

CPblog7It wasn’t too long ago that almost all marathoners were male, and those marathoners only had the option to run a full 26.2 miles, since that is the distance a Greek messenger ran between Athens and Marathon in order to deliver a message of victory after battle more than 2,000 years ago. Although legend has it the messenger dropped dead as soon as his message was delivered, running the distance he traveled has since become equated with completing the ultimate athletic challenge and achieving for one’s self a victory of sorts.

Today, finds just as many women as men tackling the marathon, but because running in and completing those 26.2 miles often takes a significant amount of training, health, and athleticism, not every would-be marathoner is able to tackle a whole marathon. Thankfully, another impressive challenge — the half marathon — has emerged, and it’s fast becoming one of the most popular races and distances in the entire world.

Well, it turns out that the half marathon has found a happy home in Niagara Falls, which plays host to a spectacular half marathon every June. People from all over the world take advantage of its prime location to not only participate in the race, but to also enjoy a much-needed vacation as well. The route follows a beautiful and inspirational path that lets runners and walkers pass by the waterfalls — not once but twice — but the thing that truly makes this event spectacular is that it’s a race just for women.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy excuse to get away from it all with your favorite girlfriends or you’re looking for the perfect place to run 13.1 miles, finagle a way to get to Niagara Falls during the first weekend of June. Invite your best friends, and sign up to run or walk to half marathon-heart’s content. After all, there may be no better way to enjoy a girls’ getaway weekend in all of North American than on a race-centered vacation to Niagara Falls.

CPblog8The Race

Whether you and your friends are in excellent fitness or just so-so shape, this half marathon can easily be taken on. Runners and walkers alike are welcome, and the course is refreshingly flat should you be worried about finishing the course or looking to get a personal best. Because the event is for women, the details are all a little different from your traditional co-ed event. Port-a-potties are decorated with flowers and sport a refreshing lavender scent.

The swag bag includes a bottle of local wine and amazing cosmetics, and when you cross the finish line, you’ll have a medal placed around your neck by a local firefighter. It’s a race for women, and the entire experience feels like it.

The half marathon takes place early on Sunday, June 5th, which means: If you make a weekend of it, you should have plenty of time to catch up with friends, take in some winery tours, get wet on the Maid of the Mist, and hit the casino. In short, there are few opportunities as enriching as this one, where you’ll get to do your body good with good friends in tow in one of the world’s best-loved vacation spots.