Murder at the Old Fort Eerie: A Community Event

image001On September 12, locals and visitors to Niagara Falls can gather at the historic Old Fort Eerie to participate in a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: solving a murder. That’s right: Murder-mystery nights are back at the Old Fort Eerie, and everyone is invited to play a character and solve the crime. Here’s all you need to know about the event before you head up to Niagara Falls with magnifying glass in hand.

About the Old Fort Eerie

The Niagara region has always been a contentious parcel of land; even the Iroquoian tribes fought over the Onandaga flintstone that is rich in the area. When the French moved in during the 17th century, they build a fort, dubbed (however uncreatively) Fort Niagara, on Lake Ontario as their primary post. When Great Britain seized control of New France after the Seven Years War (known in the United States as the French and Indian War) they built a line of communications along the Niagara River and around the northern Great Lakes. Of these, Old Fort Eerie was the very first and served as a supply depot and port for ships traveling to the northern Great Lakes.

During the American War for Independence, Fort Eerie saw its first action. Unfortunately, the combination of fighting and harsh winter weather caused the building to crumble, and a newer, stronger fort — made of Onandaga flintstone — was commissioned to be constructed just above the older one.

During the War of 1812, Fort Eerie changed hands between the British and Americans several times and served as a strategic stronghold during battles in the Niagara region. To this day, Fort Eerie stands amidst the bloodiest battlefield on Canadian soil due to the vicious battles fought for its control.
The British continued to occupy the fort until 1823; after that, it fell into disuse. Some of the fort’s stones were incorporated into nearby St. Paul’s Anglican Church. Irish Republicans called the Brigade of Fenians used the fort as headquarters during their raids around Ontario. It was only much later that the ruins became a landmark for locals and visitors alike, who enjoy exploring the ruins, learning the history, and picnicking on the lawns.

Today, Old Fort Eerie is a testament to the long-lived strife endured by the now-pacific Niagara region. The Niagara Parks Commission ensures the health and safety of the fort and its grounds and holds regular events to keep interest in the structure and is history alive and well.

About the Murder Mystery Eventimage003

A timeworn fort amidst a notoriously blood-stained battlefield is the perfect place to stage a fun, false murder-mystery party. A handful of actors will guide guests through the details of the murder, and guests will be asked to aid the bumbling investigator to determine the culprit. You can come dressed as your favorite crime-solver to add some flavor!

Adult and children are welcome to attend the event, which will be a thoroughly family-friendly affair. Tickets are required for admittance; the price is $10 per adult and $6 per child. The event takes place Saturday, September 12 at 7 p.m. You should arrive promptly on time to avoid missing any crucial clues!