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A Few Reasons Why You Should Celebrate Oktoberfest in Niagara

image001One of the world’s most beloved and imitated festivals, Munich, Germany’s Oktoberfest pulls in millions of visitors from around the world each October to celebrate Bavarian culture —especially its beer and food. While many cities and regions boast lively Oktoberfest celebrations, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the festival in the Niagara region.

From the actual Oktoberfest hosted by the Niagara Brewing Company to the opportunity to take in some of the region’s craft beers in person during the month of October, here are a handful of reasons to plan a visit to Niagara in celebration of Bavarian culture — or at least of beer — by way of Canada.

Niagara Brewing Company Oktoberfest

A brewing company that aims to craft beers that are in keeping with Canada’s rich history and heritage of beer brewing, Niagara Brewing Company is hosting a true Oktoberfest celebration the first weekend of October. The event takes place on October 2 and will allow beer lovers to meet and mingle with Niagara Brewing Company brewmaster, Gord Slater. Enjoy specialty Bavarian beer offerings and amazing food pairings throughout the day.

Harvest Halton

On October 4 in Milton, you can take in a spectacular farm to restaurant experience that will rival any Oktoberfest in Milton’s Heritage Park. Harvest-centered dishes crafted from local farms by award-winning chefs will be paired with amazing beers and wines. Guests can also enjoy live, local music, opportunities to meet some of the region’s farmers, and an artisanal market as well. One of the greatest parts about the Harvest Halton isn’t just the feast for the senses it provides, it’s that it also gives guests a great chance to familiarize themselves with the many microbreweries, growers, and chefs who make the harvest celebration so much fun.

The NC Teaching Brewery

The Niagara College Teaching Brewery is one of the crown jewels of the region’s craft brew and beer making scene. They offer over 600 credit-hour courses, general interest courses, and vocational courses, as well as seminars and programs geared toward anyone who wants to learn more about brewing or start a career in it. Take a tour of either campus — they have one in Niagara-on-the-Lake and one in Welland. Bone up on your beer knowledge and gain appreciation for the hard work and knowledge that goes into each beer you drink during October and the rest of the year.

The Silversmith Brewing Company

image003Silversmith Brewing Company is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and they offer a fantastic guided tour for $20 for anyone who wants to learn more about their take on the crafting of excellent beer. Home to some pretty stellar and award-winning beers, you can have your own mini-Oktoberfest at Silversmith any time you want to throughout the month of October and beyond.

Just call ahead and make your reservation for either Saturday or Sunday at 11:15 a.m., noon, or 12:45 p.m. A knowledgeable tour guide will take you and your party around their operation, enlightening you and answering questions, and at the end of it all, they will give you beer. Located in an old and restored church, a visit to Silversmith feels a little holy — which is exactly how Oktoberfest should feel. They’ve also got a little restaurant on-site, so you can get your fill of food when you visit as well.

Don’t head to Germany during the month of October. Instead, make your Oktoberfest in Niagara where the food and the beer are second-to-none.