Antiquing in the Niagara Region

image001The Niagara region boasts numerous ways to while away the hours, whether you’re alone or in the company of a loved one or two. From vineyards and tasting rooms to museums and hiking trails, the area is resplendent with a wide variety of enjoyments that are able to satisfy just about anyone.

Antiquing in and around Niagara Falls, while it rarely makes headlines, is one of those enjoyments. If you love looking through old records and eyeballing Art Deco furniture, here are some spots you have to visit the next time you stay in Niagara Falls.

Forum Galleries and Antiques

Located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, this antique store and gallery is a favorite of interior designers and collectors, because the antiques in this store include plenty of pieces that could go directly from the showroom into your home. The owner is a very experienced buyer, seller, and appraiser, so with everything from tapestries and furniture to art, you can be certain your find is authentic and high-quality. Forum Galleries and Antiques is open every day except Tuesday.

Effingham Hills Antiques

This small shop is just a stone’s throw from the falls. Located in Ridgeville — a small village in the town of Pelham — you’ll find late Victorian through 20th century furniture here, and the store also has plenty of excellent glassware, antique lamps, and beautiful linens. The owners of Effingham Hills Antiques pride themselves on offering high-quality items at very low prices, so you may even come away with some true bargains.

Lakeshore Antiques & Treasures

With over 7,000 square feet filled with antiques and collectibles from numerous antique dealers in the area, Lakeshore Antiques & Treasures is a browser’s and a buyer’s paradise. 16 rooms are organized around themes for efficient shopping. Themes include: glass, furniture, military memorabilia, linens, vinyl records, furniture, and more. This storehouse of antiques and other great finds is located in Niagara-on-the-Lake and is open seven days a week.

S & B Antique Gallery

image003Known for an impressive stock of vintage furniture, as well as vintage and estate jewelry, Royal Doulton figurines, and sterling silver, this antique store sits in the heart of Jordan Village. The finds within its walls have all been handpicked from across Europe and North America, and all the furniture is cleaned and waxed before it’s placed into the showroom. They are open seven days a week.

Niagara Coin and Collectibles

A pawn shop with excellent taste, Niagara Coin and Collectibles has everything from vintage watches and military memorabilia to cameras, collectible coins, and guns. Located in downtown Niagara Falls, this shop has an excellent reputation, which is one of the reasons they’ve been in business for almost 30 years. They were recently featured on the History Channel’s “Pawnathon Canada,” and they’re open Tuesday through Saturday.

Antiques on the Ridge

Located in Ridgeway, this antique store boasts a wide selection of excellent furniture from armoires and coat stands to beds and dining tables, but furniture is just the tip of the ice berg. Antique clocks, beautiful estate jewelry, vintage garden furniture and more are just some of what you’ll see in this well-curated shop.

The Niagara region is home to scores of entertaining things to do, but for the lover of unique goods and fine furniture made a long time ago, antiquing is one of the area’s best offerings.