Niagara Falls for Summer Festivals

CrowneBlog3.jpegWhile Niagara Falls is one of the best destinations year-round, the region is particularly excellent in the summer. The warm weather combines with the beautiful, green scenery, and the roaring waterfalls are moving at full capacity creating the most amazing effect. Perhaps these idyllic conditions are why so many of Niagara’s best festivals are held in the summer months.

While we wait to find out how much winter is left, you can start prepping for your summer trip to Niagara Falls by reading about these four marvelous festivals in June, July, and August.

1. Springlicious

Kicking off the tourist season, Springlicious is a show-stopper of a festival. Filled with famous musical performers, excellent local food vendors, and other family entertainment, this event is unique unto itself. Grown directly out of local pride for Niagara’s best attractions — including its world-renowned wine and cuisine — Springlicious is a joy to participate in, for both vendors and guests.

Though the vendors and acts aren’t yet set for Springlicious 2015, eager attendees can mark the last three days of May — May 29, 30, and 31 — off their calendars, as they will be busy every waking moment during the days of this Niagara festival.

2. Niagara Falls RibFest

It is hard to imagine a festival more suited to Father’s Day than one wholly devoted to the grill. Perhaps that is why Niagara’s RibFest, known for its award-winning ribs cooked in every style takes place every year on Father’s Day weekend. Known as the best ribs festival in Ontario, if not all of Canada, the Niagara Falls Ribfest repeatedly attracts world-class grill masters who create culinary masterpieces out of racks upon racks of ribs.

We find it important to note that RibFest is more or less a not-for-profit endeavor, as much of the money earned by RibFest goes to various organizations around Niagara Falls, including Literacy Niagara, Boys and Girls Club of Niagara, School Breakfast Program, and more.

CrowneBlog4.jpeg3. Fort Erie Friendship Festival

The goal of the Fort Erie Friendship Festival is to foster camaraderie between nations (Canada and the United States), between attendees (locals and visitors), and amongst music lovers of all kinds. Primarily an outdoor concert with various musical acts taking the stage every night, the Friendship Festival has developed into a huge summer event filled with excellent food, shopping, and entertainment. There is a Midway filled with games for kids of all ages, and every year the festival hosts a talent show, which anyone can enter.

In 2015, the Friendship Festival takes place on June 26, 27, and 28 and is free to all, so if you are looking forward to attending, be sure to get there early.

4. Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival

Niagara Falls is a city that loves water in a region that relies on the stuff for energy and resources. Perhaps that is why the Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival has become so enormous during the four decades it has been around. This year, Niagara Falls expects more than 300,000 visitors over the course of the four-day festival, which features arts and entertainment dedicated to the region’s marine heritage.