Clifton Hill for Grown-Ups

People celebratingNiagara Falls is a fantastic place for a family vacation. There are hundreds of attractions that will keep your little ones busy all day, but when night hits you might want to unwind the adult way. Clifton Hill may seem like a child’s dreamland, but there are plenty of perfect places made specifically with adults in mind. If you’ve booked a room in a Niagara hotel in the middle of it all, you only need to head outside to find an adult getaway with all the amenities you crave on vacations.

Almost all of the attractions at Clifton Hill are open late, making it the best place to head after your kids are tucked into bed. However, if you get a day or even a whole vacation to yourself, Clifton Hill has still more adult-appropriate attractions to keep you busy. Here are the best adult activities for your Clifton Hill experience.


Both Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview Casino have all the games you love — and probably even more — so you can play to your heart’s content. Whether you prefer craps or roulette, poker or blackjack, you can find the opportunity to while away the hours winning back everything you’ve invested into your vacation — or else just trying your luck for the fun of it.

Night Clubs

people dancing One of the best aspects of vacations is the freedom to let it all go, and night clubs filled with the hottest music (not to mention people) really allow you to throw caution to the wind. You can head to the clubs with the expectation of meeting new people, or try spicing up a romantic date with a trip to a club filled with music and lights. Here are four of the best locations to dance the night away:

  • Rumours Night Club. Specializing in techno music, you can almost hear and feel the power inside Rumours from blocks away. Canada’s best DJs come to DJs to show their skills, so dress your best and come let loose on the huge dance floor.
  • Hard Rock Night Club. A fantastic nighttime concept from the people who brought you Hard Rock Café, this club has everything you want and more. From the world’s largest disco ball (dubbed the Ball of Power) to rooms for private parties or more intimate discussions, Hard Rock won’t let you down.
  • Beer Garden Karaoke Patio. If you are looking to sing rather than dance, this bar is for you. The selection of available songs is vast, and you’ll be treated to some of the best talent Niagara has to offer. If you’re confident, take up the microphone yourself and show your stuff!
  • R5. One of the classiest clubs on the list, R5 is chic and refined, but it’s undeniably cool. The club is designed to highlight the beautiful view of the falls seen through the venue’s magnificent windows. You can easily lose yourself in the comfortable lounge chairs and expertly crafted cocktails littered around R5.