Why Niagara Falls Is the Perfect Place for Your Corporate Retreat

CPblog20.jpegCompany-wide vacations are usually pretty tricky to plan. You need to make sure to choose a budget-friendly place with plenty of activities to excite a whole group of different types of people. You need to be sure that the location is full of team-building experiences that are engaging and interesting rather than awkward or boring.

If you want to organize a corporate retreat that’s effective and educational but still enjoyable, you should seriously consider organizing your retreat in Niagara Falls. With all the amenities to make your experience both fun and functional, Niagara is the idea location, and here’s why.

Affordable Rates and Convention Spaces

Company retreats can get costly, especially when you factor in renting out space for activities like seminars and speeches. However, Niagara has plenty of both outdoor and indoor spaces for you to host your events. If you want you experience to be more private, you can easily rent the meeting space at your hotel — and scale it to the size of your party.

The upside to this is the customer service and amenities you’ll receive from your hotel, like catering or decoration. Alternatively, if you dare to venture on the wild side, see if other attractions around Niagara are available to rent for groups. The Butterfly Conservatory can be reserved for special parties if your employees appreciate beautiful tropical flora and fauna.

Team Building Experiences

One of the most important aspects of corporate retreats is the growing together as a group. You want your employees to get to know one another and learn to work with each other, not just alongside each other. Niagara is full of attractions that will help your team become closer.

For simple activities, try taking a group hike on one of the popular trails through Niagara’s parks; the Bruce Trail is a popular choice for its scenic views and varying levels of difficulty. For something a little more challenging, invite your employees to come see the falls up close with either a ride on the Maid of the Mist or the Journey Behind the Falls. These activities test their courage and curiosity while creating memorable shared experiences.

Wealth of Outside Activities

CPblog21.jpegWhen your employees go on vacation for work, they are probably going to set aside some time to relax and explore outside of the planned group events. Niagara is a hub of culture, and there are plenty of places and activities worth seeing and doing, even if they don’t have an important business lesson to accompany them.

The Greg Frewin Theatre offers a fantastic magic show from one of the foremost magicians in the world, and the Daredevil Hall of Fame offers unbelievable stories of when foolhardy bravery happened at the falls. It is possible to spin these activities into corporate events, and you may find value in taking your employees to them as a group, but know that you shouldn’t force your employees to stay with the company during the whole of their stay. Niagara is a wonderful place for a corporate retreat, but it’s also an amazing place to take a regular old invigorating vacation.