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Have Fun and Learn at the Same Time in Niagara Falls !

1812_logo_blank11Let your stay in Niagara Falls turn educational with these fun attractions that offer an inside look at the rich history and culture found in the city.

Battleground Museum

The museum offers a journey through history during the War of 1812. With furnishings and artifacts present in the museum, visitors can learn about the many important moments and people of the war. The museum is located at Lundy’s Lane Battlefield and allows visitors a chance to visit many of the originally restored rooms throughout the building. Guided tours offer an exciting educational look at the War of 1812 and the history behind the region.

Butterfly Conservatory

Whether you love butterflies or want to learn more about them, the conservatory presents a one-of-a-kind educational trip featuring hundreds of species of these wonderful insects. The conservatory is home to more than 2,000 butterflies that fly freely over the ponds, waterfalls and paths found in this rainforest like setting. The self-guided tour packed with educational videos and information allows you to roam the conservatory while learning at the same time.

Fort George

Fort George was the headquarters of the British Army during the War of 1812, a hidden gem found in Niagara. Featuring site tours, day programs and overnight programs, there are many opportunities to learn throughout your visit. Make sure to check out the musket, artillery and military demonstrations that happen on-site every day.

Niagara’s Fury

If you want to see what it really is like to be in the falls, Niagara’s Fury offers a simulated experience of the sights and sounds of this amazing wonder. With mist, snow and visuals, this attraction will keep you on your toes while you learn about how the falls were formed thousands of years ago.

Floral Showhouse

All through the year enjoy the beautiful scents and sights of the colourful flowers showcased at the Floral Showhouse. With the changing seasons comes a change of the thousands of different flowers that you can see at the showhouse and the summer season is one of the best times to visit. With free flying birds inside the gardens and eight different flower shows taking place per year there is always something new to see and learn about at the showhouse.

Make your next trip to Niagara Falls educational and fun with these unique attractions found in the region.