Niagara Falls Canada traffic flow increases with deal

New Perimeter Security Deal to make for easier travel to Niagara Falls and the Falls Avenue Resort

Getting to the Falls Avenue Resort from the US is about to get easier with the announcement of new security perimeter deal.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama met on Wednesday in Washington to announce details of the extensive deal that will see traffic flow of visitors and goods increase.

The series of enhancements are expected to ease the congestion of travellers at land and air crossings such as the Rainbow Bridge and will increase the speed in which goods travel between Canada and the US.

Some of the highlights of the deal include more lanes to be opened at land crossings, technological upgrades to promote the use of documents including NEXUS cards, enhanced drivers licenses, and passport cards, and pre-clearance capabilities for select companies that produce goods in either country that are dependent on cross border shipments.

While speed and ease of traffic are at the forefront of the new deal, security remains the number one priority with several key points in the agreement allowing for greater information sharing and a team aspect to securing the border.

The new deal is widely accepted as the most significant step in Canadian-American co-operation since the North American Free Trade Agreement.