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The 6 Best Songs to Get You in the Niagara Falls Мооd

CPblog1.jpegThere is nothing quite like a playlist to set the tone for a vacation. Whether it’s ukulele music preparing you for an imminent trip to Pacific Islands or European EDM getting you ready for a tour of progressive cities on the continent, the perfect playlist with make you appropriately psyched to begin your next travel experience.

Niagara Falls has been a top tourist destination for centuries, which means that while it isn’t necessarily foreign or exotic, the vacation spot certainly has more than its fair share of devoted tunes. Before you head to Niagara Falls on your next trip, compile these six excellent tracks into the perfect Niagara Falls playlist guaranteed to get you into just the right mood.

1. “Niagara Falls” by Chicago

The iconic rock band Chicago is proud of everything Midwest, which is probably why their tribute to Niagara Falls hits the tone of the destination perfectly. The lyrics speak of the singer’s everlasting commitment to his love and compare his unwavering feelings to the permanence of Niagara Falls. While the song is an excellent ballad, Chicago probably should have checked their facts: Niagara Falls is actually shrinking, and in fact, one day the natural wonder will disappear entirely. However, that won’t be for a long time yet.

2. “Niagara Falls” by Sufjan Stevens

Delicate and haunting with simple acoustic instruments and a beautiful whispering voice found in all Sufjan Stevens’ songs, “Niagara Falls” paints a musical picture of the excellent sights all around the Niagara area, which you can find in any of the fantastic Niagara parks. This tune should please every folk-lover in your travel party.

3. “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls” by TLC

This pop anthem equates our favorite natural water features to wondrous and fantastic ideals only obtained by a select few. The women beg listeners to “stick to the rivers and the lakes like you’re used to,” because waterfalls are so rare and perfect that you will likely be searching for your entire life. While we agree with the trio’s feelings about the uncommon beauty of waterfalls, we assert that you should chase them, especially when you know exactly where the best one is: Niagara Falls, Ontario.

CPblog2.jpeg4. “Waterfall” by Carly Simon

Carly Simon was unparalleled in her ability to turn an amazing track, and “Waterfall” is no deviant in its catchy singability. In this song, Carly croons about the end of her relationship, as her love pulls her down like the water of a waterfall.

5. “Waterfall” by 10cc

This classic ballad devoted to love and escape, “Waterfall” tells mournfully of the singer’s desire to bring his love into the splendor of the country, where their solitude will finally engender peace and passion. This tune will get you in the mood for the stunning natural scenery of the Niagara region; everything from the forests of the Niagara Escarpment to the carefully tended vineyard land is perfectly picturesque.

6. “Great Lakes Song” by Bob Gibson

Finally, because Niagara Falls is inseparable from the rest of the Great Lakes — indeed, the Niagara River feeds directly into Lake Ontario — it is an absolute must that your playlist pay tribute to the world’s largest single collection of fresh water. This song is one of only a couple in the world’s discography that lists every Great Lake; your kids might enjoy the educational opportunity every time they hear the first few bars of the track.